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Ignition is a space where we enable you to ignite the journey to your true self. First, through the experiences, retreats and workshops that we offer and also with the guided and safe consumption of our microdosing products. We aim to support you transform your experience and embrace your path as your real, empowered, grounded, true self.


Why IGNITION Microdosing_

You know that there’s more in store for you. And that life doesn’t have to be a struggle and overwhelming. You long for peace and quiet. You want to experience more joy and fun in your life. Something has to change. You’re done playing small. And ready to unlock the force that’s within you. Ignition Microdosing helps you to reconnect with your true self. It’s a safe and powerful way to quiet down the mind and to hear the voice of your intuition. It’s a tool to heal, to discover and connect to yourself. But also to break through barriers and limiting beliefs. To experience a deep trust in life. An inner knowing that life is working for you.

Benefits IGNITION Microdosing_

More energy

Better Focus and Creativity

Reduced Anxiety and Stress

Increased Awareness

Better Mood

Improved Sleep

“Take your seat in your being, find your ground, embrace your path. We strive to enable individuals to release themselves from a funk or a state of stuckness. We strive to see you thrive. You already have all it takes inside of you, it’s often a question of finding focus and tapping back into your power and intuition.”

Caroline van der Weerd

Founder Ignition Microdosing

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